Wilderness of Self


Fresh fruitThis 10 day transformational gathering takes place in the silent majesty and remote beauty of Alaska’s ultimate wilderness – the Brooks Range. Join like-minded individuals as we embark on this mystical trek.

The arctic tundra is a wilderness setting unlike anything you have ever seen. Facing north, the land undulates gently toward the Arctic Ocean while mountains tower and jumble behind. Treeless, the eye rolls over the landscape toward the horizon, confusing your illusory sense of distance. We’ll be inserted by floatplane to the shore of a remote mountain lake where we will make our base in the home range of caribou, moose, and Dall sheep in a forest canopy mere inches high.

Prior wilderness or camping experience is not necessary. An adventurous spirit, willing mind, and open heart are suggested however. Through nature observation, hiking, wilderness survival instruction, stillness, silence, a day of fasting (optional but encouraged) and group celebration, we’ll help fulfill our basic yearning as conscious beings for connectedness – to nature – to life. The energy in such a group facilitates allowing yourself to experience the uniqueness and sacredness of yourself as you rejoice in the uniqueness and sacredness of our site and our group as a whole.

View from inside tent

From the exotic climate, magnificent scenery, and focused intent of our group, to the superb meals we’ll create, this will be a soulful, life-renewing experience. A Pilgrimage – The Journey to our inner self/senses – to the knowing that springs from being consciously connected to life as the wellspring of being.

Our intention is pleasure – the quality of “nuannaarpoq” – the extravagant pleasure of being alive. We come away with a profound rejuvenation, both spiritually and physically. The experience is focused toward applying one’s attention and intention to the purpose of learning to let go and allow the boundaries of self to flow with the landscape and its power.
To enter into relationship is to dance with life.
Intention facilitates a space in which to experience.
Attention is the sacred focus.

Tent at nightAnything experienced in such a state of clarity births an exchange between the participant and that which is being experienced. The environment of these wild mountains alone, experienced in such a state, is potentially transformational. The sheer remote immensity of the landscape encourages this. We are of this Earth.

Journey into the wilderness rather than through it and join us for this stimulating sensory and spiritual journey into the luscious Alaskan country-scape as well as the journey into your self.