Spiritual Quests


Birch and Alder leavesIsuma holistic quests and spiritual retreats are Alaska wilderness trips for those whose physical journey is a metaphor of their inner quest. These journeys are guided retreats for those looking for deeper meaning – in their lives, in the world, in the people around them. A pilgrimage to the knowing that springs from being consciously connected to life as the wellspring of being.

Do you face life’s biggest issues and lack clarity? Are you in search of a rite of passage or guided meditation experience to mark a significant transition in your life; a quest or search for direction? Throughout these experiences of intense depth, our goal is pleasure – the quality of “nuannaarpaq”, that extravagant pleasure of being alive.

Owl in tree

These spiritual retreats invite and encourage you let go of the socially trapped egocentric self and allow the boundaries of self to merge with the Alaskan landscape and its power.

With more than 20 years of experience leading groups in the wilderness, Isuma Guideworks programs are centered around a philosophy that all journeys are multifaceted. What we learn–and learn about ourselves on these trips, has implications and applications outside the immediate environment of the trip itself.


Our goals:
To achieve a physical and psychical rejuvenation
To gain a profound sense of, and reverence for, true wilderness
To have the freedom of space and time in which a measure of clarity can be attained
To hold the sacred space/energy wherein transformational insights and experiences are more probable

Join us on an Isuma Guideworks Spiritual Quest as we create sacred space. Separate from society, remove yourself from culture, relieved of human construct, cut off from what you think of as your life – and thrust yourself into Now.

Spiritual Quests

Survival is nothing more, or less, than being present. Honor your connection. Come, find yourself in the Wilderness.