Winter Trips


Moonlight reflected on lakeIf you are one of the many who enjoy backpacking in the summer, but have never been properly introduced to the joys of winter camping, this is the trip for you! If you routinely put away all your gear when the snow flies, you’re missing some of the best camping of the year. In the winter, crowding is unheard of and the Alaskan wilderness takes on an entirely different personality.

Has the fear of being uncomfortable kept you out of the woods during the winter? Does the thought of camping in the winter (YIKES!) seem beyond fun? Suitable for back-country enthusiasts willing to explore their connection to nature’s other face, for those who desire to expand their outdoor knowledge and range of options, Isuma Guideworks is pleased to offer a 6 day introduction to snowshoeing and winter camping.

Aurora Borealis This is a trip that will push your comfort range, internally and externally as we delve, individually and as a group, into our trust of the natural world while simultaneously enjoying the beauty and playfulness of the winter landscape.

Learn about:

  • Campsite selection
  • Equipment Selection
    • Snowshoes!
    • What type of stove is best for winter use?
    • Tents
    • Clothing
  • Area Familiarization
  • Snow conditions and Avalanche precaution
  • Navigation
  • Emergency and Basic Winter Survival Training
  • Dealing with fear
  • Shelter building
  • Fire and conservation
  • First aid
  • Search and rescue

backpack2We offer winter camping trips on various dates from January through early April.backpack3