Summit Lake – Anaktuvuk Pass


River viewSummit Lake Route -14 days and Anaktuvuk Pass Route-15 days

To backpack a river’s headwaters and observe its trickling birth among jagged peaks; to then let it carry you effortlessly in its embrace is to truly know a river. On any of these combo trips you will come to know the river as you experience firsthand the melting glaciers and small streams that nurture it along its journey as it grows into a magnificent waterway. Not only are these trips of unparalleled beauty, they are also of unparalleled value.

The Summit Lake route combines our North Fork of the Koyukuk Backpacking and North Fork of the Koyukuk Float trips.

mountainsThe Anaktuvuk Pass route combines our Anaktuvuk Pass Backpack with a North Fork of the Koyukuk Float trip.

Numerous other combinations are possible throughout the entire Brooks Range, including areas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).