DS050812The name “Isuma” – meaning “awareness,” originates from “ISUMATAQ” – An Intuit reference to one who creates an atmosphere in which wisdom shows itself. Isuma Guideworks is an Alaska-based adventure travel company founded with the objective of working toward the integration of human consciousness and wilderness. Our goal at Isuma Guideworks is to reconnect the psyche to its roots in the natural world and promote wholeness in the human experience.

We advocate and practice minimum impact travel and camping. As an integral part of the landscape we slip through without disturbing the natural order of the land and its inhabitants. It is our hope that our love, respect, and enthusiasm for the wilderness rub off on the friends we make during our trips in the natural beauty that is Alaska.


Randy KellerRandy Keller is the lead guide and founder of Isuma Guideworks. Randy has been leading both summer and winter trips into some of Alaska’s most remote wilderness areas since 1986. He maintains a current WFR (Wilderness First Responder) and is a certified ACA (American Canoe Assoc.) kayak instructor. As trained facilitator, he brings with him 30 years experience in the Alaskan outdoors and a lifelong commitment to making a difference in the lives of those he leads on Isuma’s trips. Read more about Randy’s philosophy of guiding.